A Positive Future For Our Port

The Halifax Port Authority is developing a master plan to ensure Halifax is fully prepared to meet cargo demands of the future and maintain our strong position as one of Canada’s global ports. But change on this scale can’t happen in isolation—we need your input.

Our Port

From the early days when the port was a gateway for building a nation to our current role as a major player in the shipping industry, Halifax has been shaped by our connection to the sea and our role as a port city.  

Big ships are calling the Port of Halifax. Cargo volumes are growing, and the shipping community is working hard to build on this momentum. We are now in the era of the ultra-class ship.  And to keep pace with our competitors, we must develop the facilities to welcome the worlds’ largest vessels here in Halifax.

This involves having the facilities and infrastructure to berth two ultra-class vessels simultaneously while maintaining cruise and non-containerized cargo activity.

As we enter a new era in the shipping industry, the Port of Halifax must grow and adapt to meet the needs of a changing industry in order to stay competitive.

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